About Us

Welcome to Barry Investments Limited,
a socially inclusive agricultural commodities trading company based in Lira district, Northern Uganda.

We at Barry Investments Limited are dedicated in supporting small-scale farmers and promoting sustainable agriculture practices.
We believe everyone should have equal access to opportunities, including access to markets for their crops.
Therefore we specialize in trading various agricultural commodities, including grains, cereals, and oil seeds.
Our team of experienced traders works closely with farmers to ensure that they receive fair prices for their products and have the support they need to succeed.
We also prioritize sustainability and work with our farmers to implement environmentally friendly farming practices.
In addition to our trading services, we also offer a range of financial services to our farmers, including access to credit and financial education.
We believe that by empowering small-scale farmers, we can help drive economic growth and development in the communities we serve.

Why Choose Us

The company is located on a state-of-the-art storage facility in Lira City. The facility is run by a team of well-trained employees who ensure smooth flow of commodities in and out of the warehouse. Round the clock security and guard services are provided.

Our storage capacity allows us to store in excess of 10,000 Metric Tonnes of commodity putting us in the bracket to supply Agro processing companies and exporters that demand for huge tonnages.

According to a report from the Uganda national burea of statistics, Northern Uganda produces approximately 60% of all cerals and oil seeds in the entire country. The cereals and oil seeds grown in the region are: Maize grain, soya beans, simsim/sesame, green mung beans, red finger millet, Sorghum, cotton, ground nuts, sunflower and a wide range of local bean varieites. Lira city receives on average 500 Metric Tonnes of commodity per day during the trading season which runs from July to April every year and attracts buyers from Kampala, Juba, Kigali, Busia, Nairobi, Eldoret, Kisumu, Democratic Republic of Congo as well as international buyers. This makes lira city a great location for our business.

As a company we believe that social inclusion is key to our success and it is this social inclusive culture that has allowed the company to create farmers’ networks across Northern Uganda through our social outreach program, these networks not only enable us to empower farmers but also provide valuable information on prices and availability of commodities during season which is key in agricultural commodities trading.

As a company, we pay very close attention to the quality of agricultural commodities we deal in. All the farmers we have worked with have received training on the importance of quality and how it affects the price of their produce. Our warehouse staff has been trained on quality assurance to make sure commodities purchased are of required standard. This has allowed us offer better prices to our farmers and quality produce to our clients. We have wooden pellets on which produce, packed in sacks, are placed. This ensures that the produce remain aerated thereby maintaining the quality with which it came into the store.

The company owns a 12 Metric Tonne truck. This eases the transport of produce from farmer’s Centre’s to the company Warehouse.

Our employees are given a simple step by step manual on how to go about their job, it points out the purpose of the work, specifies the steps needed to be taken while doing that work and summarizes the standards associated with both the process and the result of their work. This has greatly improved productivity and workflow.

Our Partners

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